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fairlife, LLC is a Chicago-based health food company that produces and markets delicious, nutrient dense milk beverages made using a cold filtration process to remove the lactose and sugars while maximizing the natural proteins, nutrients, and minerals found in cow's milk. The company was founded in 2012 by Select Milk Producers, Inc.®, a group of dairy farmers dedicated to using exceptional cow care and sustainable farming practices to yield higher quality milk.

This co-op includes Fair Oaks Farms®, the flagship farm for fairlife, and provides all the milk for the company's state-of-the-art plant in Michigan to produce all tasty, lactose-free fairlife® products.

fairlife products are: fairlife® ultra-filtered milk, the only cow's milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than other milks; Core Power®, a high protein milkshake to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts build lean muscle and support healthy recovery; fairlife® DHA, an ultra-filtered milk with DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health; and fairlife YUP!®, a line of boldly flavored milks. NEW to the fairlife portfolio in fall 2018 is fairlife® Smart Snacks, a healthy, hunger-curbing treat with protein, oats, honey, prebiotics, and a variety of antioxidants. In partnership with The Coca-Cola Company®, all fairlife drinks are distributed to retail outlets nationwide.

On a mission to enrich lives by sustainably providing nourishment and vitality to the world, fairlife promises:

Better Taste – An incredibly smooth, creamy taste that sets fairlife apart
Better Nutrition – Always more protein, more calcium, less sugar, and no lactose; maximum levels of real-food nutrition whenever possible
Better Values – Unwavering commitment to the best care for our girls (cows), sustainability and transparency in all that we do

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